Ambrosia Maple and Rosewood




The dark markings throughout the maple on this board are caused by the Ambrosia Beetle, don’t worry, they’re all gone now and the holes are sealed, but the dark streak characteristics make this wood unique. Rosewood center strip to break up the maple.

**This one has sold already so future variants will vary slightly but retain the over all look and feel, also expect a bit of a delay before it ships out**

Includes a FREE PUCK of my Custom Wood Lube, it’s a blend of beeswax and mineral and other oils designed to protect the wood and keep the board in great shape for years to come. If it starts looking dry or dull, just buff on and buff off and it’ll be looking new again.

PLUS Lifetime warranty against splitting and other issues that are a result of a mistake I made or imperfection I missed. Just keep it lubed and OUT of the dishwasher and you’re covered.

Thank you for your support, I guarantee I’ll use every penny to further defend the first amendment and our right to free speech and free expression.



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